Week 2 progresses well

Hello again, everyone!  This is Drew here, and I’m ready to  update you on the first week of games from the Arizona Fall League.  The Peoria Javelinas have gotten off to a nice start, winning three of the first five games.  We have gotten solid pitching and defense from our guys to complement some nice offensive sprees.  With the array of talent across the league, I feel that our team has done a nice job of capitalizing on opportunities, and that is why we have been able to be successful in our first week of games.  Several of our players have impressed me, but I think one guy that stands out so far has been Carlos Triunfel of the Seattle Mariners.  He has displayed some great offensive games as well as some nice plays in the field.  One thing that is extraordinary about Carlos is that he is only 18 years of age!  I can’t believe how mature he plays the game since most of us guys are between the ages of 21-26.  Obviously many other guys have done great things so far, but he is one that sticks out in my mind.

Outside of the field, the Reds guys and myself have continued to enjoy ourselves with our living situation.  Anytime you have seven guys living in a house to themselves, there is bound to be some fun times.  Sean Watson and Justin Turner have become regulars to a high-speed  go-cart track that is just down the street from us.  I was able to swing in and watch them race after a workout today, and it is pretty entertaining to watch because the carts get going up to 45 mph!  I’m sure we will all experience the carts at some point although most of us have not been yet.  Other than this, we have had a little less overall free time since we play games most everyday of the week.  We get done at the field around 4 o’clock for home games, and a  little later for away games because of the travel back to Peoria.  Therefore, we usually only have time to get back and prepare dinner for ourselves, or maybe get a weight workout in beforehand.
This has pretty much been the extent of the past week with the guys from the Reds, so I’ll be ready to give another update on us in about a week!  Take care everyone!


  1. adamleighty@yahoo.com

    Sweet blog, Drew. Since the season is over for the Reds and all their affiliates, it’s good to get up everyday and have a boxscore to read that I actually care about. I’m a season ticket holder in Dayton and enjoyed watching you last year, mostly because we’re the same age and it’s crazy seeing guys like you, Turner, Frazier, and Valaika playing at such a high level. Good luck the rest of the way, I look forward to seeing you in Cincy.

  2. jacob.schaeffer@kodak.com

    Drew, I will be in Phoenix next week for work. I can’t wait to get out to a couple games. Best of luck to you guys in the AFL and next season.

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