Rising Stars Games Adds New Dimension to AFL Week

Hey, it’s Drew again for another segment from the Arizona Fall League.  I hope everyone has enjoyed our 2 guest bloggers from the Reds, Carlos Fisher and Chris Valaika.  These guys did a great job adding to my accounts thus far and provided some interesting information about themselves and their experiences out here.  Another week of games is in the books, and the Javelinas still find themselves at the top of the National division.  I realize that this league is meant for its talented participants to showcase their abilities, but it sure makes things a lot more enjoyable when your team wins ballgames.  There really is no substitute for playing a hard nine innings and coming out on top, and I feel lucky to be able to be apart of a team that is capable of doing this frequently.  

This past week offered somewhat of a shake up from the usual Monday to Saturday games out here.  Last Friday night, the Rising Stars game was held in Surprise.  This contest featured a couple of players from each organization competing in an American vs. National division showdown.  The game proved to be very entertaining, as our National division came out on top with a bases loaded walk to myself to end the night.  The American division got out on top early in the contest with two 2-run homers in the second inning.  We were blanked in both the hits and runs column early on by Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson.  He had all of his pitches working well, and it showed as he left the game with zeroes across the board.  We were able to chip away throughout the game and make a break through in the eighth inning to take the lead, only to be tied back up in the top of the ninth.  Two hits and an intentional walk in the bottom half of the inning had me staring at a bases loaded situation.  I was able to lay off a few close pitches and work the base on balls which allowed us to plate the game winning run.  This was a really gratifying win for us because we had fought hard throughout the night and ended up on top.  Good times!
Outside of the baseball, things have been relatively slow around the Reds’ household.  We have made a few trips to Scottsdale to visit friends and catch a little bit of the night scene, but other than that, we have relaxed and tried to follow the games of the World Series.  Hopefully, Philadelphia can come up with a little better forecast and get the remaining games in.  
This concludes this week’s run down of events, and I’ll be sure to fill everyone in next time with the new happenings.  Any questions or comments will be welcomed!


  1. bobinct

    Great blog Drew,did you take writing courses in school?
    Good to hear you had the plate disipline to draw the game winning walk; I can’t imagine how hard it must have been not to swing in that situation.Any word on weather your going to get a spring training invite? and do you feel you are ready for it.
    Good luck to you and all the reds there ; see you in Cincy soon.


  2. patlogan3@gmail.com

    Hi guys!
    Greetings from Carolina! I wanted you to know the Mudcats Booster Club and fans are preparing to welcome those of you headed our way. You’re doing great in Arizona… we’re enjoying following your games online and looking forward to meeting you!
    Pat Logan,Wilson NC

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