Last Full Week

Hello again everyone!  Drew here with you again for the last full week of play in the Arizona Fall League.  As we slide into the single digits of remaining games, I think everyone out here has the same intentions…finish strong.  It’s been a long month and a half for most of us, and this has definitely been the longest year of baseball in my life.  Starting up in spring training back in March, I’ve been at it for about 8 months with a few weeks of break scattered in there.  Although this league has really been a great experience for me, I can feel that the end is near.  Knowing this, I’ll just try to end the fall on a positive note and have a solid last week and a half out on the field.  

We were privileged this past week to have a legend among us for a number of days.  He was in town working primarily with the Yankee guys on hitting and offering his knowledge of the game.  Who was this you might ask?  Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson.  It was a very neat experience for all of us guys to get to spend time around Reggie because he had so much valuable information to offer us.  He has been a part of so many huge moments in this game, and someone like that is always interesting when you pick their brain about things.  Although he is employed by the Yankees, Reggie was great because he would talk hitting or whatever else with anyone of us around.  It’s not everyday that you get to be amidst someone like him.  
Away from the field, most of us Reds guys have slowed down on our activities.  As I spoke about earlier, this deep into the fall season means that most guys are starting to wear down a little and therefore just chill out when there is time off.  I think most of our moods have changed from “what are we going to do when we get home” to “what aren’t we going to do.”  Funny how that works, but it is true nonetheless.  Well folks, its been a pleasure writing this blog and filling everyone in on what goes on out here.  I think I’ll be back one more time next week before we all head home, so take care until then!

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