2nd Week of Games Roll On

Hello once again everyone!  We’ve just completed our second week of games out here in Arizona, and our Javelinas team has been able to maintain our top spot in the division.  We have cooled off somewhat from our hot start, but we’ve managed to keep winning games when they are needed in order to hold our position.  Today, we squared off with the Peoria Saguaros in  a marathon game that lasted every bit of 4 hours.  I know that this game, which ended 18-11 in our favor, may pale up to the Mesa/Surprise game a few days ago that ended 28-1, but it was definitely a grind for us all.  It was one of those games that seemed to never end. The hitters found every possible opportunity to find holes for hits, and the pitchers found misfortune because of this.  There were also two scary moments during the game that lengthened the time even more.  Taylor Green of the Brewers was hit in the face with a pitch while hitting that resulted in a broken nose.  He seemed to be doing fine after the game, except for the swelling and pain in his face.  Stephan Gartrell of the White Sox dove for a ball in right field for the Saguaros, and I believe he separated his shoulder.  We Javelina players were not completely sure of the effects of his injury, but we knew it was not good as he exited the field on a cart.  Hopefully these guys get to feeling better soon!

Well, things around the Reds’ household have been relatively relaxed this past week.  I’m sure y’all got to meet Carlos Fisher through his guest blog that he posted a few days ago.  We will try to mix in more of our guys in the near future so that you can get to know all of us a little better.  There have been few opportunities for us to do much the past week as the games have basically kept us occupied.  Generally upon completing our day after a game, we will return home and relax for a couple of hours before we begin preparing dinner for ourselves.  Most of us enjoy grilling out and cooking for ourselves, so the cameraderie of this has been fun.  We usually prepare steaks or chicken breasts for ourselves on our back patio grill and pool together side dishes to eat.  There is always the occasional night out at a restaurant, but we try to take advantage of the cooking situation at home as much as possible.  
One thing that we have tuned into most every night of the past week were the MLB divisional series.  Although the Phillies rolled through the Dodgers relatively easily, the Rays/Red Sox series was very entertaining to watch.  I think most of us were glad to see some new faces in the World Series this year, especially since it will be Tampa’s first trip ever.  Many of us agree that it will make for some exciting nights of tv watching this next week.  
This pretty much sums up the past week of games and activities from myself and the other Reds’ guys.  I’ll be back on next week to keep the updates coming and possibly provide another guest blogger in the process.  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. ccpassitonsports@yahoo.com

    Mr. Stubbs
    My name is Chris White, I live in Dayton, Oh. I would first like to say my son and I enjoyed watching you play here.
    I’m a coach of a 10 year old team. It has been great to have guys playing for the Reds that I can tell these kids to look up to not only how to play the game but also how to carry themselves. Thanks for being one of those guys. Well I won’t keep you long. Hope you guys are enjoying every moment. Your friend in Dayton Chris.

  2. patlogan3@gmail.com

    Greetings from Carolina!
    We Mudcats fans are wondering if you have tried making “Beer Can Chicken” on your grill? It’s impressive you have grill skills as well as baseball excellence!!

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